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Shelby was an intern for City Phoenix Hall Councilman, Sal Deccicio. While working there she was able to attend meetings with the top lawyers of the state, lawmakers, police & fire Chiefs (all women), to help create the 2018 tax plan for Phoenix.

While at Northern Arizona University she studied Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations. She feels that her education in verbal and non-verbal communication helps her tremendously when dealing with clients and other agents. Whatever people are too scared to say their bodies will say for them. She believes the art of commutation and symbolism is beautiful and it’s everywhere. Humans are so simple but so complex and that’s what makes communication so fascinating for her!

Growing up she always played team sports. Lacrosse was her favorite and she played all throughout high school and some in college! This sport is hardcore. She believes there is no such thing as “me or I” the focus is the team. While being on this team you learn your teammates’ moves and shots… you learn them so much that you know what play they will be making. This means being on the same page without the need for any communication. (crucial) Lacrosse also teaches you how to accept losing, and how to still love your teammate even if they messed up. The sport also teaches you how to win, with pride but not with cockiness. Team sports are so important to human development.

Shelby is trustworthy, honest, reliable, constant, realistic, and loyal. Her word and her name are everything to her. Her family is full of self-made men and women who wear their last names proudly. She will do anything to ensure she does the same and makes her family proud.

Shelby is happy, driven, loyal, compassionate, hardworking, malleable, respectful, faith-driven, optimistic, outgoing, funny, and always smiling. She loves cooking and spending time with people over food. She is southern so food is one of the centers of her life and she loves how meals can bring people together. It fulfills her to be involved in her community, whether that be volunteering in her friend’s classrooms or helping her church plan social events to even spending time with seniors! Being with people in her community brings her JOY. Her Grandmother was a realtor, she has now passed but is her hero and her inspiration in life. She looks up to her still and she wants to fill her shoes in RE the best way she can!

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