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Which Home Renovations Add the Most Resale Value?

Which five home renovations bring the highest return on investment? These five.

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Reborn Renovations, providing Calgary home renovations listed which home renovations will add enjoyment and resale value to your home? Here’s a list of ones with the best return on investment:

1. Curb appeal. This all starts with your landscaping. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door won’t hurt, either.

2. Kitchen remodels. The most popular trend today is white kitchen cabinets. You don’t necessarily need to replace your entire kitchen—you might just need to add a fresh coat of paint and some new brushed chrome or bronze hardware. Installing a new sink can give the appearance of a completely renovated kitchen. Talk to a kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss which areas of your kitchen can be improved if you don’t have the budget to replace the entire space.

White cabinetry is extremely popular.

3. Smart home automation. The days of the clapper are over. People these days want to be able to control their thermostat, their locks, and their lights right from their phone. Upgrading your home’s smart technology is a great way to add value.

4. Carpet and flooring. The most popular type of flooring we are seeing right now is a plank tile that looks like wood but is much easier to clean, however, click to view more options.

If you decide to use tile, at this website you will find a lot of options to choose.

5. Bathroom updates. White cabinetry is a desired feature here as well. Walk-in showers and glass doors showers have become more popular than bathtubs as well.


Any of these things will help in adding value to your home. If you have any questions for us or want to know what specific upgrades will bring the most value to your home in particular, give us a call or send us an email, we can also help you find the best rehab loans so that you can start your home renovation right away. We look forward to hearing from you.

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