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Sales Strategy

Key Ingredients to Success

Property Preparation

Would your home show to it’s fullest potential if an open house were held tomorrow?

If the answer is no, it is not considered “show ready” and could give the buyer an advantage in the negotiation process. Any potential points of negotiation should be avoided from the initial list date, if possible, to maximize the number of offers at the highest possible price. Buyers make mental notes when viewing a home and this first impression is nearly impossible to overcome, once set. The buyer wants to get the best home possible at the best price possible and the seller wants their home to fall first on the list of the “best” available. Check out our comparison of a room that was prepared properly prior to list and look for a home stager in our resources list.



Media Preparation

When the property preparation is complete, we are ready to present your home with the latest in technology and innovative materials. We take no shortcuts to ensure we provide potential buyers with a superior property presentation. Our staff consists of professionals in graphic design, printing, photography and video production.

Why is this so important? Home buyers are increasingly looking for properties online, so we make sure our online and traditional print presentations have an impressive impact. Your homes own dedicated website will feature a multimedia presentation using our professional services.

Flyers will feature beautiful images, professionally written descriptions and the use of the latest technology for handheld devices. We expect our marketing material to convey the high quality your property possesses.

Marketing and Advertising

Our extensive promotional strategy will attract the largest possible number of qualified buyers. Research has shown that potential buyers still utilize traditional print materials as well as online resources when searching for their next home. We cover all the bases with Valley wide newspaper distribution as well as publication advertising in key locations that reach the affluent buyer. Our online presence reaches the local, national and international buyer with your listing featured on over 60 home search websites.

Buyer Finding Algorithm

Our home match system uses algorithms to match our database of buyers to your home and even rank orders them based on who is the best fit! This is targeted, it works, and the Carin Nguyen Team has exclusive access to this system!

We can quickly generate a list of Best-Fit Leads for any given property. A proprietary algorithm intelligently matches our leads to a particular listing or listing profile based on their search history and website behavior. One click selects the list and sends an email blast inviting them to see more.



We get an astounding 25,000 to 35,000 hits, and 4,000 to 5,000 visits PER WEEK at  Immediately after listing a home, we send out a broadcast email announcing your listing to the 9,000 people who’ve signed up to receive my Latest Listings, plus a separate one to the local realtors inviting them to the Realtor Open house and inviting them to send their buyers to a public open house.

Brokers Tour

Our broker’s tours are well attended and promote your property to those industry leaders who are actively in the field, searching for their clients.

Carin was voted the #1 agent in Arizona for sides and the #2 agent nationally for the same honor. She is well known in the real estate industry and when she has a luxury property listed, brokers and agents know about it. She will bring the Who’s Who of agents representing the qualified luxury buyer to the table. She will keep them there to because her Broker tours feature catered fare. Our broker’s tours are well attended and promote your property to those industry leaders who are actively in the field, searching for their clients.

Open House

The decision to have an open house may depend on many factors including exclusivity of the neighborhood and accessibility. This is a marketing opportunity that should be discussed with your agent. However, it is important to remember that the greater number of people who see your home can have a direct impact on the time on the market and the sales price. The have the greatest number of showing during your open house, we promote the event with online and print advertising.

When The Carin Nguyen Team holds an open house, we make this time count. We think it is important to schedule your open house on the first or second weekend after the property is listed and we recommend holding the event over two days on both Saturday and Sunday. Just like our Broker’s Tour, we also cater for our open house events.

Getting the Job Done

We strive to move our clients from paperwork to negotiations to close with the least amount of stress as possible.

You can relax in knowing that when you hired The Carin Nguyen Team to handle the sell of your property, you hired professionals who know the paperwork process inside and out. You will be fully prepared in advance so there are no surprises along the way. Your agent will familiarize you with the purchase contract so you know what to expect when offers are placed.

The Carin Nguyen Team has closed over 300 contracts in the 2012 year so far. We know what it takes to negotiate on our clients behalf and bring the parties together for a successful close. Our ultimate goal is to bring the clients we represent the best offer with the best possible terms.

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